3 Foods to Move Away from for Divine Health


Foods to Move Away From

for DIVINE Physical & Mental Health

1.Trans Fat 2.Added Sugar 3.Meat


Of all the fats, trans fat is THE WORST for your health!


Consuming Trans Fat is

  • Linked to excess fat gain.
  • Linked to Increase risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Linked to Memory Loss
  • Linked to increase in Heart Disease (Leading cause of Death in US)

In 1994 a study at Harvard University reported that people who consumed the highest amounts of trans fats had twice the heart-attack risk of those who consumed little.

“The more we look at trans fat,” says Walter Willett, who worked on the study, “the more we see it is a metabolic poison.”

Eating foods with Trans Fat Increases your Risk of heart disease by raising levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), and lowering levels of HDL (good cholesterol).

In 2003, Denmark effectively banned trans-fat from foods. In 2008, California became the first state to ban restaurant chains from using  trans-fats for cooking or frying. The FDA has ruled Trans Fat as “Not Safe” for human food.

What is Trans Fat in?

  • Pastries, Cookies
  • Fried Foods
  • Shortenings
  • Margarine
  • Snacks like Crackers & Candies
  • Other foods prepared with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils

You can identify if a food has trans fat if it has the words “partially hydrogenated” or “hydrogenated” on the ingredients list.

2. Added Sugars: Cut out them out!


Consuming added sugar is

  • Adding extra calories to your diet but providing little nutritional value > “Empty Calories”
  • Linked to weight gain *Added sugars make food more calorie dense
  • Linked to Increased risk of heart disease
  • Linked to insulin resistance
  • Linked to increased fat accumulation around liver & abdominal cavity
  • Linked to poor nutrition/ Nutritional Deficiencies. (filling up on “empty calories” leaves little room for nutrient dense calories.)
  • Linked to adverse effects on Metabolism

“Added sugars” are the sugars and syrups added to foods during processing.

What are Added Sugars in?

  • SODAS: Coke, Sprite, “Diet” drinks!
  • Desserts
  • Breads
  • A lot of foods labeled as “Low Fat” like Yogurts
  • A lot of processed foods

3.Meat: Reduce Consumption/ Eliminate it.


Meat is

  • Acidic! *Too much acid in your body weakens your immune system, increases your risk of infection and chronic disease. *Cancer can only survive in a acidic environment!
  • Hard for your body to break down and digest. Makes your kidneys work harder which produces more Acid in your body
  • Loaded with Toxins! *(Animals are usually injected with Hormones to gain weight & produce more meat)
  • High in Saturated Fat
  • Linked to Plaque buildup
  • Linked to heart disease (calcification of body tissues)
  • Mass Produced in factories with minimal health standards and regulations ( =Toxic environments and Abuse of animals)
4. Processed Foods: Reduce Consumption
The term Processed Food refers to the Foods that have been chemically processed.
These are foods made from refined ingredients and artificial substances vs. whole foods like veggies fruits nuts etc.
If you Reduce your consumption of processed foods you will avoid the above 3 all together <3
Processed Foods are
  • Usually high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup
  • Linked to Increased risk of heart disease
  • the biggest sources of added sugar (and HFCS) in the diet.
  • Making us FAT
  • Full of artificial ingredients like Preservatives, artificial colorants, artificial Flavor, artificial texturants
  • Addictive! The brain biochemistry is literally altered by these foods so even when you don’t want to eat more your hand keeps shoveling that stuff in there! Have you ever lost control when eating?
  • Loaded with refined carbohydrates *Cause spikes in insulin and blood. *Cause negative health effects long term
  • Usually low in nutrients & Fiber
  • High in trans fats and processed oils
I made this easy “3 Foods to Stay Away From” blog because lots of people ask me what I eat. If you’ve asked me, this is for you & I am excited to help! Something to be aware of is that there is a lot of greed driven dishonesty in the marketing of food. It’s our responsibility to educate ourselves so we can make healthy food choices. I hope this little blog can help people become aware of some of the truth about what serves our body and what does not.
I hope this has given you some simple tools to make informed food choices! Everything we consume is either moving us closer or further from our BEST SELF.
I’m excited for you to FEEL your BEST & LIVE Fully everyday!
All of my Love,
Bianca Scalise
P.S. Post your thoughts, ideas, questions & comments below!
Let me know if this was helpful and what else you are curious about!

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