Falling 10 ft. & Cutting my scalp open **Warning: Graphic Content**

A friend of mine invited me to be a small part in a Science fiction movie. I thought Hey! That sounds like a fun experience!

The set was an awesome tall warehouse looking building. Before the shoot I was walking around (in costume) just exploring. I saw this really cool looking area and immediately got inspired to play around on this rusty metal piping. (I know, grreeeat idea) haha.
In between swinging around and balancing I lost my footing. I fell 10 feet to the ground and hit the back of my head on a big rock. Immediately I jumped up and thought I was okay! ((Adrenaline))
I started walking and then I touched a spot on the back of my head where I felt a lot of pressure. I could feel my finger go inside my flesh and when I looked at my hand I saw it was covered in blood. It was then that i noticed there was blood dripping down from my hair.
My friend rushed me to the hospital, by the amount of blood coming out it was apparent I was at least going to need stitches.
On the way over I remember being hyper aware of my thoughts, paying close attention to my abilities and testing myself to make sure I could still think and see clearly, remember my families phone numbers etc.
At the hospital the PA did an evaluation for signs of brain/ nerve dysfunction but I was all good.
All of the staff got a good laugh out of the ridiculous story and the way i was dressed. Honestly the PA kept trying to get me to tell her I was on drugs (I wasn’t) hahaha.
I decided against getting a cat scan because I had absolutely no symptoms of hemorrhaging in the brain so i skipped the unnecessary radiation.
5 staples in my head later I’m grateful. I was a couple of inches from potentially being paralyzed. It had to happen just like it did so I could learn and grow.
Now it’s time to make a meaning for this situation. For some this would mean “Dont climb things like that you idiot!” For others it might mean you need to practice climbing and falling more so you can get better.
The way we experience life is completely within our control. Maybe I can’t control everything that happens to me or maybe I make a mistake but I can always control what I make it mean to the rest of my life and therefor My Life’s Direction.
For me this entire experience was an innocent me testing my abilities.
When I was a kid i was scared to even practice tumbling forward at gymnastics. I’m humbled but I’m not as afraid of falling as i used to be.
I’m feeling stronger and more aware of my body than ever before and I’m going to keep playing through life. I fell, I got hurt and I learned. Now it’s time to practice and get better. Next time I might just practice above some padding 😉
I will not be reckless with this gift that is my body but I will respect it enough to push it so it can be the strongest it can be.
I will never be ruled by fear. I will continue to dance with fears that present themselves and let them guide me to the next obstacle I need to overcome.
Love & Gratitude
<3 Bianca


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