Signing Up For Yoga ?Gym VS. Studio?

So you’re interested in yoga and want to sign up for classes but your not sure what type of environment is best for you
I’ve highlighted a few points to help you make your Yoga commitment…
Yoga Classes at a Gym
What to expect
:: Bigger Spaces :: Bigger Classes :: The Rooms in gyms are designed to accommodate lots of people and different types of fitness classes. You can definitely expect large spaces with mirrors and 12-30 people (depending on the gym).
::More physical yoga:: Gyms are spaces for physical fitness. Yoga is an ancient science with physical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects to it. You won’t hear much chanting, mention of yogic stories/ philosophy, the instructor might not use the original Sanskrit names of poses etc. Expect to explore the physical side of yoga.
::Every class will be beginner friendly:: There is usually a lot of focus on alignment of beginner/ intermediate poses.
::Not super Quiet:: It’s not uncommon to hear clanking of weights during Savasana
::Power Yoga:: Yoga at the gym is usually a sort of power (work-out) style. Look forward to poses that will make you sweat!
Extra good stuff
::Access to weights, machines etc.
::If you go often it can be cheaper per class than a studio
Yoga Classes at a studio
What to Expect
::Smaller Spaces:: More Intimate Classes:: The environment in a yoga studio is usually seen as a sacred space. There will probably be an altar with spiritual symbols like little statues of deities, incense, singing bowls, bells etc. Depending on the space there may be 4- 15 students
::Exposure to Philosophical and Meditative aspects of yoga:: Being that Yoga is a philosophy and ancient wisdom, at a Yoga studio you will be exposed to the aspects of it beyond the physical. The degree that the spiritual side of yoga is explored depends on the studio. The instructor is likely to use the Original Sanskrit names of poses, you may explore poses more in depth, learn a little of the history behind the poses, and have Longer Savasana.
::Different types of Yoga Classes:: There are different traditions (Styles) of yoga. At a yoga studio you will probably have a good selection of different styles of yoga to choose from everyday. You can be exposed to the different styles and decide which one is for you.
::Sacred Space:: You can expect to walk into a calm peaceful atmosphere
::Different Levels of Classes:: There will be classes specifically for beginners and usually classes for intermediates and more advanced students. If you want to advance in your yoga poses a studio provides a nice environment to continue taking your yoga to the next level.
Extra Good Stuff
::Intimate setting = more individual attention
::Opportunity to get more in touch and in tune with yourself
So what’s best for you depends on what you are looking for from your Yoga Practice, really you’ll benefit either way you go.
Just make a move and start your journey!


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