Bianca Scalise is a Yoga instructor with a passion to help people. Her heart is on fire to share the healing and soul enriching practices of Yoga and meditation.

“After finding Yoga I felt an amplification in my enjoyment of life. Week by week I could feel my body getting so much stronger and more connected. The aches in my neck and back from my spinal stenosis were fading and now my body truly surprises me with all that it can do! I feel a sense of freedom in my body & mind that just keeps expanding with my yoga practice:). I can step on my mat with so much on my mind and am humbled at the calm and peace that fills me by the end of my practice. There is a fire inside me to share these feelings with you!”

Bianca studies Yoga all over the world. She is currently pursuing her 500 hour certification with the program Yoga Medicine. She has attended specific trainings on the Shoulders, Spine and hips to learn how to encourage proper function and relieve pain. Her next adventure is a 3 month international yoga assisting internship with renowned yoga instructor, Dylan Werner.

Sharing yoga is her Mission, Passion and Love!

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